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Menstrual Hygiene Education
Teaching students about periods so that they don't drop out of school when they get their first period.

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Wondering When will I get my Period? , Muskaan Knows! Map out your cycle with our easy tracking tool, the Period Calculator.

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Our Services

The company "AAPKI MUSKAAN' has always in favour of Promoting adolescent health.Our company "AAPKI MUSKAAN" always promotes of Menstrual Hygiene combines health education for adolescent girls in rural areas, providing a regular supply of sanitary napkins.

Girls and women are to live healthy and productive lives, with dignity, menstrual hygiene is a our prime priority.

sanitary pad
Sanitary Pad


sanitary pad
Sanitary Pad


sanitary pad
Sanitary Pad


sanitary pad
Sanitary Pad



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